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Outdoor Meals

My Saturday in six words:


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About eight years ago my former boyfriend R made me a beautiful wooden table, which has been the host of many happy early morning breakfasts, outdoor suppers, snacks and long talks by candle light. It has braved summer and winter, sun and snow, but alas its time was up: it literally fell apart.

I have been shopping for a new table, but could not find the right one: it just didn’t feel right. So now my darling V-man has made me this old-new one, the wood supplied by my two sons as a birthday gift. I am such a happy outdoor camper! 😀

Have a Sunny Saturday x



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Cheri Lucas Rowlands has challenged us to show a fleeting moment. And I have chosen this photo, where the grains of sand soon will bow to the wind and the fleeting impression of my passing will be erased.


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