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Changing my name to ‘Sarah’

My Saturday in six words:



Half a century on this planet has taught me much, but most of all to value family and friends. So in this special year I’ll be celebrating friendship – not by throwing a massive party, but by inviting small groups of friends for dinner, high tea, picnics and drinks throughout the year. Turning fifty isn’t bad at all! 😉

Happy Saturday x



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47 thoughts on “Changing my name to ‘Sarah’

  1. Hope it’s a good one, Marion, and many more to come. Like Soulbrush I have to look back aways to 50, but it was memorable, as was 60, and lots of days before and since. Your roses are beautiful. Here’s to a happy future. 🙂


  2. …a woman around 50 is much more like a cut and sparkling diamond… many happy returns….my dear fotofriend…Mar..(pardon), *Sarah* for today :-)))
    Sarah sounds nice….:-D

    dearly with *hugs*


  3. Yay, Happy B-day to you! I’ll be fifty in September, so this tickled me immensely 🙂 Age is relative, I always say, and surely getting older is way better than the alternative. I also love your idea of a year of small celebrations instead of a massive party. You get to enjoy it longer and more intimately — perfect!


    1. Kayleigh, you too? That’s fun! We should start an over-50 club 😀
      I’m so glad you understand my wish for celebrating in a different way *hugs*
      And masses of early birthday wishes to you x


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