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Empty Nest Syndrome

My Saturday in six words:


DSC_5476 DSC_5488

The day after I shot these photos, the nest was empty. I don’t know whether they have flown off or if some predator bird got them. There were no feathers at the crime scene. My cat is innocent, that’s for sure. The weather has been so bad that he hasn’t gone outside for days.

How long do turtledoves stay in the nest, does anyone know? Is it possible they are still safe? I’d like to think so…

Have a safe weekend!

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26 thoughts on “Empty Nest Syndrome

  1. Either way it seems sad to see them go…but I thought I read somewhere that doves have multiple clutches and often use the same nest over again — so you never know, there may be another batch on the way. Hope so 🙂


  2. am sure, they are really save, I often had pretty young doves in my garden, thats unerring instinct…same as swallows do, they leave overnight and ultimate…
    have a nice witsun…my dear friend…:-))


  3. I doubt very much whether one week is enough for the little ones to fledge. Is yours the only cat in the neighbourhood? Or do you have other birds of prey around eg kestrel etc? Sorry to be so discouraging.


      1. Sadly, it does seem highly unlikely that they would be ready to start learning how to fly. Even then, you’d be aware of them fluttering about on the floor whilst desperate parents tried to encourage them to take flight. Oh how I hope nothing horrible has happened to them. So sad


        1. Will keep my eyes wide open, but so far I haven’t seen any sign of them yet. I will leave the nest untouched, perhaps the parents will return another time. They are still around 🙂


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