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Sunday Post: It’s Mother’s Day, Mom, again!

On Mother’s Day, I think of my Mom. Actually I think of my mother every day! With a grin, because she’s so direct. With a smile, because she’s so down-to-earth. With love, because she’s such a sweetheart. She’s part of my daily life, my role model since I was young.

So commerce, I don’t need your advertisements. I don’t have to give her an iPad, or perfume. No, what my mother wants is to chat on regular basis; to meet as a family as often as we can. And I’m not allowed to bring her any gifts then. But of course I don’t listen and do it anyway. Something small that she can use every day. So perhaps she thinks of me each day too, just for a moment.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Just like yesterday, just like tomorrow. I love you.


Have a maternal Sunday.

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