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Turtledove Love

My Saturday in six words:



Thank you for your heartwarming comments and concern. You have asked for an update so here it is:

In all these weeks, the turtledove mother hardly ever left the nest. Not even when we come outside on our way to the shed. She just sits there, quietly, and hatches her days away. I often talk to her, encourage her – one mother to the other – and she seems to listen.

This week the weather finally cleared – a bit, though temporary: it’s raining even more cats (and dogs) at the moment – so we dragged the chairs from the shed to my backyard in case we might  be able to eat outside, and did some garden work… including V-man hammering the bottom of an old metal bucket back in shape. Argh! This proved to be too much for even this valiant mother. She took off!


I was worried and kept checking the nest. To my great relief she returned half an hour later. Perhaps she went out for dinner?


Stay warm, stay vigilant – we care!

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40 thoughts on “Turtledove Love

    1. They have hatched! And I have pictures! Taken yesterday! Today I checked on them, but the nest was empty… but I was standing in the pouring rain, so I’m not sure yet. Will write a post about it and show the pictures later this week 😀


  1. But we humans moms are much the same, are we not? We grow our babies inside us for 9 months, never letting them leave us, and once they’re here, keep them in our nest as long as possible! Happy Mother’s Day to you.


  2. Hi, I’m new to the six words 🙂 I just loved this post — and your pictures were darling. We just discovered a robin’s next n a juniper outside our dining room window yesterday with two eggs laid so far….the mama is there right now adding to the clutch.

    So lovely.


  3. Your pictures are wonderful too. They are beautiful birds! I bet you could peek, they are stoic and she most likely will she raise up a bit.


    1. These doves are very different from the fat pigeons that roam the streets.
      I will give her a few days more and hope the weather will get better. Then I can sit outside and watch until she leaves.


  4. It’s always incredible to watch the dedication all animals give to their offspring! 🙂
    And much like your wish for me…I hope the weather improves.


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