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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Change your perspective on something. Share a photo of a subject which you shot from directly above. Find a subject and instead of taking a picture from in front of, at an angle, to the side, or from behind, take it directly from above! In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means FROM ABOVE to you!

Well, Sara, I’m afraid I can’t totally fulfill your wish, but I came quite as close (to the edge) as I dared:

~ please click the photos for a larger view ~


For this was made by yours truly from up here:


while walking on the mouse path on the right:


The Aqueduct of Pegões was built to deliver water to the Convento de Cristo in the Portuguese city of Tomar. The construction started in 1593 and finished in 1614. It is 6 km. long (almost 4 miles) and 30 meters (100 feet) above the ground at its highest point. Yes, Sara, these photos were taken From (high) Above brrr. My knees were slightly buckling I must say.

Thank you, Sara, for providing us with this challenge From Above. You are more than welcome to take a look at the other entries! 


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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

    1. A looooong way down, Col. I could bravely walk forward, but only when I looked straight ahead – and not down. Except for the top photo 😉 Made it around the corner, so halfway the between-towers-part.


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