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Travel theme: Light

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Playful light, dart through;

chase shadows around corners

’till dark is no more.




More Light at Ailsa’s Where’s my backpack?

Perhaps you’d like to take a look at my Six Word Story Challenge: Light of two weeks ago?


Caretaker of males, both human and feline. No lady, but all woman. Avid reader and photographer. Determined to find writing time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I need you to meet the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

15 thoughts on “Travel theme: Light

  1. Well structured,. and I like the whimsy immensely. Maybe this is one where punctuation would make things clearer. One wants to put ‘darts’ and ‘chases’. Actually, just a comma after ‘light’ would do the trick, but then I suppose one would have to punctuate the rest.


    1. He Col, it took me a minute to understand what you meant, because I meant it exactly the way the added comma shows now 😀 Thank you! I have ended the ‘sentence’ after ‘through’.


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