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Foster Dog

And today I proudly present Klaartje:



please click the photos for a larger image

She is a bit camera shy, but I hope you can see how sweet she is. Each Monday I’m taking this Grand basset griffon Vendéen for a long walk. Since I can’t have a dog of my own because of my full time job, my cat and a partner who doesn’t like pets – yes, I know, it’s almost impossible to believe – I searched for people who were willing to lend me one of their dogs once a week. And this arrangement works both ways: I have a hiking buddy and they have a walk-the-dog-day-off.

Isn’t she adorable? 😀

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26 thoughts on “Foster Dog

  1. adorable, what a great idea! I would love to have a hiking buddy but because I travel so much, I can’t have a pup anymore. You’ve got the wheels turning in my brain, Mar. Thanks!


  2. She is beautiful, and looks quite like our little golden bearded collie. They have the same amount of hair anyway! It sounds like a brilliant arrangement for everyone including Klaartje, who gets a new walking experience 🙂


    1. Every now and then, her owner goes with me for a walk, so we can take both dogs out. It is such a happy creature, Seonaid 🙂 The other one, Nora (or Noortje), is older but just as sweet.


    1. No, Marian, she’s so enthusiastic and energetic, that walking her is a reward in its own. She’s just happy to go out and wags her tail the whole way hehehe. Especially when she spots ‘fresh game’. 😉


    1. Lots of hair and lots of energy, Jules. Her attention for wild life is stunning, she’s always sniffing around, sometimes with her nose on the ground, at other times with her nose in the wind. Lovely dog.


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