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Turtledove Nanny

My Saturday in six words:




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Our two ‘house’ turtledoves, which have been around for years, finally decided to build a nest. In my backyard, over the window of the living room. And I’m absolutely thrilled, but also very anxious. For I have a CAT! A big mean ol’ cat who likes baby birds for breakfast!


Well, actually no, Bandit is a sweet cat who has had a good relationship with these turtledoves for all those years… as long as they are on top of the fence and he’s down on the ground. Or behind the glass watching them while making funny cat sounds.

But little baby birds are a whole different matter. I will try to keep Bandit in as much as possible – he’s afraid of being outside when it’s light anyway and only goes out for a fresh nose in the dark for an hour or so.

Hatch in peace, feathered ones. I’m going to be a Turtledove Nanny! 

Have a fertile weekend 😉

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35 thoughts on “Turtledove Nanny

    1. Such an honor, thanks so much, you and your team of lunatics LOL 😀
      I am happy and proud to be nominated for the Liebster award! But I can’t accept it, I’m sorry. This is what I have written on my ‘About’ page:

      On awards: I’m so sorry, but I can’t accept awards. Nominations really do mean a LOT to me. But all of us bloggers, writers, photographers, poets, funny and serious people, we all share our thoughts and creativity – our souls in many cases! – and in my eyes all are equal in that. Thank you kindly for understanding.


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