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Battle With Technology

My Saturday in six words:


2013-04-13 13.56.46

Ever since I bought our dishwasher, it has been giving us troubles. And after three new pumps in two years, I decided to leave behind daily irritation and ignore it. The dishwasher gave me the silent treatment and sometimes I’d hear faint screams for attention, but the door to the soaping sanctum stayed shut.

A couple of years ago we decided to give it another try. V-man rearranged the piping system and since then, the device worked with us. Kind of. The result of the cleaning attempts was always a surprise. Sometimes all would be sparkling, at other times a layer of a non-identified substance still held onto the plates, pots and pans. Firing up a short second program mostly got the dishwasher back in line.

Until the day before yesterday. Eagerly it opened its maw and swallowed all we fed it, even accepting the square soap-tablet. I fired up its engines and sat down after a long day. The dishwasher swished and swooshed and made a couple of faint sounds, to relax into silence – far too early. I opened the door, took one look inside and turned the button back to business. With the same result. Another program also died after a couple of minutes. Malfunction.

For two hours I have been trying to goad the dishwasher into submission once again, with subtlety and a firmer hand, but nothing. My device finally threw in the towel. In my face. To dry the dishes myself.

Have a clean Saturday! 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Battle With Technology

  1. Erg! A time-saving device letting you down! Get this, Marion. My mom used to say, “The Dutch say that many a mother and daughter became familiar over a sink full of dishes.”

    Was that REALLY a Dutch saying or was she trying to exotic? 😀


    1. It’s not a real Dutch saying, but it is TRUE! Or it used to be. My mother and I used to do the dishes, while my sister fled to the toilet and my brother stayed put in the living room 😉
      Now most households have a dishwasher. Perhaps we should get rid of them and get connected again through water and soap 😀


        1. Oh, pardon me, Werner it is 🙂
          Tomorrow it will be TWENTY degrees in Holland! From freezing temperatures at night last week, to summer temperatures in a couple of hours. The weather is something else these days.
          Stay warm, OK?


  2. Sorry for your troubles with the dish-washing machine.We went without a dishwasher for a year one time…and we all just took turn doing the dishes. It wasn’t all that bad once we had our hands in the warm sudsy water, we quite enjoyed it actually! (:>) BUT on a day to day basis I do enjoy our dishwasher and have not had any issues with this one yet!

    Now that we have soft water the dishes come much cleaner than they did years ago when our water softener went on the blink! And we have also seen differences in detergent.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


    1. Washing up can be fun and it is a moment of peace and warmth (especially the hands) to discuss the day.
      The main advantage of using a dishwasher though is that you don’t see the dirty dishes because they are inside the machine. I try to make it a habit to wash up every time we use something. A sponge and some detergent is enough.
      Glad to hear your device works properly, Linda! 😀 Perhaps mine can become its apprentice? 😉


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