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Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors

Did you know that March 29th is Smoke and Mirrors Day? The origin of this day, which celebrates all things magical and illusory, is suitably shrouded in mystery, but what a great theme it provides. Ailsa dares us once more to share our creations in photography.

Here is my magic:


nothing ever is

as it seems, because of screens

of smoke and mirrors


~ click the photos for a larger image ~

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12 thoughts on “Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors

    1. Gaaf hè? Die heb ik genomen in Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, Angel. Als je ooit in de gelegenheid bent om daar te dineren en/of te logeren, dan moet je het echt doen! 🙂
      Een verlaat Vrolijk Pasen voor jou ook x


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