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Six Word Story Challenge – Spring

In the last two weeks, impressive stories have been told here at Figments. Stories in only six words! The prompt was Poverty. Feel free to take a look.

But today it is time for a new challenge. Write a story, using only six words and an image, about SPRING. With this cold, we can use a bit of warmth. I will be waiting here for you for the next two weeks.

At the spring equinox, days are close to 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses. Spring and “springtime” refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth.

In some regions in the Northern Hemisphere, the astronomical March equinox (currently around 20 March, but traditionally 21 March) is taken to mark the first day of spring, and the Northern solstice (around 21 June) is taken as the first day of summer. In other regions, the equinox is taken as mid-spring.

SPRING it is! Let a photo or image inspire you to write a story. Or first write the story, and then make or search for a picture to go with it.

Here’s a Six Word Story by Ernest Hemingway.


Such an impact and unseen images in only six words…

Every two weeks on Wednesday I will post a new theme for this Six Word Story Challenge. Publish your Six Word Story on your own website/blog and paste the link to that post in a comment here at Figments. I will include your contribution in this post, forming a list of stories.

Will you join me? Will you? Say you do :D  And share the challenge news!

Have fun writing,




Who’s next? 😀

The next challenge will be posted on Wednesday, March 27.
Doe je liever mee in het Nederlands, ga dan naar 6WMB-uitdaging: Lente.

Older stories:
130226 – Poverty


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35 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge – Spring

    1. Hi Crackerberrie 😀 Thanks for participating in the Six Word Story challenge! And such a cuddly story you wrote. These rabbits must have a ball in a garden full of tasty plants. Not very good for the gardener though 😉

      Could you please make a post on your own blog next time, and then paste the link to that post in a comment on my site? I only paste the story itself to my post if the writer has no online options. Thank you.

      See you next time? Wednesday? 😉


    1. Such a happy spring story, Sid 😀 And the image is perfect for your words. Or would that be the other way around? 😉
      Thanks! Wednesday next week there will be a new challenge, I hope to see you back then.


  1. With my poll, ‘Surviving winter, he surrendered in spring’ was a clear winner.
    Interestingly, the same topic has been used for a 350-word children’s writing contest I have entered.


    1. Jules, I can’t stop laughing, that is SO cute! And you are absolutely right. We spring chicks adore flowers 😀
      Thanks so much for participating, and for finding a way to publish your story online!

      PS. As the hostess, I can hardly publish my story first. I’m waiting until the spring storm of stories has mellowed 😉


    1. Mariane, you too?! In Holland it is also snowing.
      Good combination of photo and six words. Think I’ll put on another sweater 😉
      Thanks so much for participating!

      PS. I can understand you stayed in bed long: a bed is better than being outside in these conditions.


    1. Spring is indeed a time for fun, for feeling young! 😀 Thanks so much for your words.

      Alas there’s not much springing going on here, Bulldog. It is snowing! We have taken out Christmas decorations here at our academy at the uni, to create a bit of that much needed fun 😉


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