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Climbing Mountains

My Saturday in six words:



Not much else to do on this bleak and rainy Saturday anyway!

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40 thoughts on “Climbing Mountains

  1. When my three girls were home we used to have mountains of laundry too. But now it is just the two of us, and not all that much to do. I kind of miss those days when they were little.

    Happy Saturday!



  2. Yup, got some of that going on here too! We’re snowed in though, so it’s kind-of nice to slow down and focus on the house for a day. 🙂
    Happy 6WS!


  3. I love headers, Marion, and there are some fascinating ones out there (even rainy ones!)
    The ironing board is hiding behind a chair at the minute but I can feel its ominous presence.


    1. Because we work outdoors during the week? 😉 I don’t know, Brenda, but I try to avoid it as often as possible. We need to relax during the weekend, not continue working, just at a different place. Let’s go on strike!


  4. I couldn’t bring myself to click like, as I too hate laundry. I try not to, but its never ending cycle always leaves me feeling exhausted before I’ve even left base camp 🙂 Nice post for a wet Saturday!


    1. Domesticity feels kind of homely, right, Ron? 😉 Good luck! And enjoy the weekend.

      Do you mean the general flower header (homepage) or the header of this post? The photo of the raindrops I made especially for this Saturday post to illustrate the rainy conditions 🙂


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