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No matter what

March 7th, 2013

My sons,

On this late-winter evening, a light rain is gently wiping the dust from my window. You are both safe and close, gaming in your rooms, and throwing an occasional remark up and down the stairs, with me in the middle. I am sitting here, silent, contemplating our lives together.

Twenty-one years ago you came into my life, Nick. Small and red, screaming your lungs out. So very different from today, when you are very composed – much more than I am. Sometimes I wonder who the adult is when we have an argument. The passionate emotional mother and her son, who puts all back in perspective. You have grown into a fine young man, and find your way in life with determination and calmness.

Then three years later you arrived, Sean, son number two. So alike, yet so very different. Calm on the outside but much more turbulent on the inside. The silent type you are, my ‘little’ one. Once you looked up at me, but now you have to bend over to come close. Not too close of course, that’s ‘not done’ at your age. My quiet dreamer with delicate humor, who still needs to explore his future.

I treasure you both. Your hugs – though I first have to catch you, Sean, to steal one. I treasure your funny comments and smiles – sometimes at my expense, but that’s quite OK. One day I will get back at the two of you! I love your integrity and steadfastness. At times you both are pigheaded and perk, at other times sweet and surprising. And though we do not always agree, we try to work it out and find better ways. Know that I will be here for you whenever you need me. For a talk, a hug or food. Because you are always in for a snack and cookies. In that way, you are very alike, pair of locusts! 

I am proud of you both, no matter what. I am thinking of you both each day, no matter what. And I love you both dearly, forever and always, unconditionally. No matter what…

Your mother,


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36 thoughts on “No matter what

  1. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. Children are the most precious gift life can give. Though at times we want to shake them ’till their silliness (in our eyes) disappears, but at the same time that’s what I love about them. They are growing up to become who they want and need to be. Not a copy of their parents, but a unique individual. Let’s keep them safe.


  2. Twee leuke kinderen van een fantastische moeder. Onvoorwaardelijke liefde voor je kinderen en andersom is het grootste geschenk wat we hebben gekregen, Marion. Ik heb een dochter van 33 jaar en heel veel meegemaakt met haar, maar onze band wordt alleen maar sterker en zo hoort het ook te zijn. Zoals je al zei: ‘no matter what.’ Fijn weekend, lief mens 🙂


    1. That chase is big fun, Susan! Especially since deep in their hearts, they do want that hug, but it isn’t masculine enough. I think. You never know what goes on in a boy’s head. 😉
      If you ever want to get a hug, feel welcome to come over and chase my sons. And perhaps you want one of mine. In which case… *HUG*


        1. The huge Lego chest is still waiting for new children to play with. Perhaps grandchildren. But that’s still in the distant future.
          Grassroots movement, I had to Google that term. Is he involved in politics or does it mean something else?


          1. Yes, it’s politics at the youth level. For instance a group of college students nationwide is lobbying colleges and universities to serve only organically produced foods in their cafeterias. That’s only one of the things he’s involved in. 🙂


          1. I agree, I have two daughters and once married they take on the responsibility of a husband and then ultimately their own children.. not much is left over for a Dad…


  3. Your boys will carry you in their heart all of their lives, no matter what. The love for a parent is also uncondtional even though they may not always show it. My favourite book of Robert Munch (Love youForever) demonstrates it so emotionally, I can’t read it without sobbing. This is a beautiful testament of your love.

    from the book
    “I’ll love you forever,
    I’ll like you for always,
    as long as I’m living
    my baby you’ll be.”


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