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Details of Dublin

And now for the last post about a city I fell in love with, instantly. Take a look through my eyes: from the smallest pub in the world to gargoyles. Doors and flowers. Birds and ornaments.

~ click the photos for a larger image ~


As you might have guessed by now, I love details!

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25 thoughts on “Details of Dublin

  1. Another gallery? I’ve really got to get with it.

    We visited Ireland about 8 years ago or so. We took our four children with us, so we avoided the larger cities like Dublin. We had a fantastic time wandering around the countryside.


    1. Yes, you should. Make a gallery of little Arthur. I’m sure we would all be delighted ๐Ÿ™‚
      So you have experienced Ireland’s magic, Christine! We will do the wandering next year, because I definitely need to go back.


  2. Thank you Marion for your Figments on Ireland….this last one is awesome…the images you captured on film are just as great as the ones you still have in your memory. I have enjoyed the “trip” with you!!
    Much love,


    1. Jules, I am so glad that I could take you with me on this trip to Dublin. You couldn’t join us, but this way you could still see parts of this beautiful city.
      And this summer we will make photos together! ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. One thing I have noticed .. your love shows through in your photos… these are a captures that say so much… thank you for sharing… did you visit the smallest pub in the world.??? We have one in this country that is in the inside of a Baobab tree… I always thought it was the smallest…


    1. The pub was closed when we passed it and we didn’t go back in the evening. It’s probably not really the smallest pub in the world, but in Ireland it is. Here‘s an article about it.
      Do you have photos of that bar in the Baobab tree, Bulldog? I’d love to see that!


          1. That is it.. and it is an amazing place to visit… although I don’t drink I love to call in there when ever I’m near.. just to be able to say I’ve been there….


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