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Traffic Jam Record

Today it snowed in the Netherlands. Up until now the weather has been kind and mellow, but  last night and in daytime the clouds emptied many buckets of snow over parts of Holland. And our country caved in under the pressure of this white blanket.

Long traffic jams were the result: over thousand kilometers of stranded and lined up cars. An all time record! I didn’t even know we had that many roads. 😉 Trains were canceled. Planes couldn’t keep their schedule due to the snow and ice.

Amazing how society gets turned upside down by one day of snow…


Photo: Spranknieuws
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Monday Blues


Goodnight, bad Monday

Pass your blessings to Tuesday

Be better next time!



Sweet dreams out there…

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Travel theme: Glass

A call for Glass this week, in Ailsa’s travel photo challenge.

I found this beautiful and artistic glass snake in a quiet corner of the memorial park near Dublin Castle.


More glasswork at Where’s my backpack!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


Cheri Lucas has been inspired by all types of lights,

from the tiny white twinkles draped over trees during the holidays to the spectacle of fireworks in the night sky on New Year’s Eve. Lights are functional — everyday objects in our rooms and on our streets. Yet lights can be powerful symbols: signs of life, curiosity, and discovery. We’re interested in seeing what you come up with for illumination — particularly your creative interpretations and more abstract approaches. – Share a picture that means ILLUMINATION to you.

And this is my answer:


More Illuminations at The Daily Post.

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Streets of Dublin

Want to join me on a five-day tour through the streets of Dublin? Then simply click a photo to start the slideshow.


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Smuggling Route

The sun has been playing hide and seek for days now, so I just had to go outside and find her! Care to join me on my walk along a Dutch smuggling route?

I have published the photos on my blog Doldriest. Just click Smokkelroute 😀

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Simon’s Cat

Have you ever met Simon’s Cat? If you haven’t, then skip the text and first watch the short film at the end of this post. If you already know this little charming, yet mischievous creature, then first read the also first watch the film 😉

Simon’s cat made his first appearance online in a film called ‘Cat Man Do‘. It is created by Simon Tofield, an English animator who has a great interest in British wildlife, painting, the great outdoors and of course cats. Tofield started animating at a very young age. Inspired by cartoons on TV, he used to create basic flip-books in an attempt to emulate the techniques he saw being used on screen.

And he has living study materials at home:


Do you recognize the crazy things felines do to get attention? And food?! Enjoy the silliness of Simon’s cat – hilarious little movies that make me grin, at times even laugh out loud.



Other animations – and I know you will want to see more – can be found here.