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News: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands retires

For two hundred years kings and queens have reigned over the Netherlands. We have had a lot of Willems, as you can see:


Today our Queen Beatrix announced her retirement on April 30, 2013. She will step back after thirty three years, leaving the throne to her first-born son.


So finally a new king will step up to the throne – after 123 years of queens – King Willem-Alexander and his Queen Máxima.


Queen Beatrix celebrates her 75th birthday on January 31st. A very special date for me. Not because of the Queen, but because of my mother. Mom – exactly one year the Queen’s senior – will celebrate her 76th birthday this Thursday.  And to me that is more special than any Royal House happening!


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26 thoughts on “News: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands retires

  1. I love your Royals Marion. Beatrice is always so normal…I see Willem has all girls. The Dutch royals always made me want to shake the English one and say “Look at these guys and take note.


    1. Hehehe, well, they ARE normal people after all, right? I thought the newest princess is rather ‘normal’ too? I don’t know much about royal stuff, but have see gorgeous pictures of the newly wedded.


  2. See what you have done? People all over the world are wishing your dear mom a Happy BirthDay!! And long live the King! And family.
    May I request you write a post about what duties or obligations the King or Queen has?


    1. Haha, and I love it! Will show Mom this post and all the birthday wishes when I’m driving down there 😀
      A post about the duties of the King or Queen in the Netherlands? I would have to investigate, of course, since my knowledge about royalty is meager 😉


  3. Happy birthday to your Mom!
    And I must say it is interesting that after all this time there is to be another king. There have been rather few of those, for some time.
    After that, it looks as though it will be back to queens, though!


    1. That’s because they are, Madhu 😉
      And thank you! Have called my Mom last Thursday, but can’t go to visit her tomorrow: I’ve caught a severe cold 😦
      The good news is that I will drive south in two weeks and spend the whole day with my parents then 😀


    1. The change of queen/king was to be expected. I don’t think there will be an uproar over this in our country 😉
      And yes, I’m happy every time I talk to her on the phone, or get to visit my parents. They are the best!


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