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Tree FriEnTs

I love trees!

In summer:

1307 Canterbury

And in winter:

328 Phoenix Park

The first photo was taken in Canterbury, England, and the second in Dublin, Ireland. I don’t know why, but some trees I just HAVE to touch. To connect with and feel the roots through the bark, firmly planted in the ground.

How about you? Are trees special for you?


Blogger who loves her camera. No lady, but all woman. Caretaker of lads and cats, dungeons & dragons. DuTchess. V-man's biker witch.

13 thoughts on “Tree FriEnTs

  1. I know why. All you are missing is a lovely wolf at your side and you are all set with the trees my friend Robin the Druid!! LOL…That is time catching up with us my friend. I love your tree photos and YOU.



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