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Traffic Jam Record

Today it snowed in the Netherlands. Up until now the weather has been kind and mellow, but  last night and in daytime the clouds emptied many buckets of snow over parts of Holland. And our country caved in under the pressure of this white blanket.

Long traffic jams were the result: over thousand kilometers of stranded and lined up cars. An all time record! I didn’t even know we had that many roads. 😉 Trains were canceled. Planes couldn’t keep their schedule due to the snow and ice.

Amazing how society gets turned upside down by one day of snow…


Photo: Spranknieuws


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12 thoughts on “Traffic Jam Record

  1. It’s snow joke to be caught up in that lot!
    I wonder who added up the length of all the traffic jams?
    Every now and again Nature gives these little reminders of how helpless and vulnerable we little humans actually are.


  2. I hope this is all cleared up by today!!! What a mess. But it is the same here, the threat of snow and the schools close … buses don’t run. People call in sick. LOL.


  3. Sounds like London to me, flat as a fart, 1cm of snow, the whole place grinds to a halt. Meanwhile up here in the hilly north we just get on with it. greetings


  4. Side stepped us Marion I have to say … I do like that top picture tho even if disruption was abounding
    Eyes sorted with new specs do I see ???


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