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2013 – Be Welcome!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May it bring you much laughter, hugs and good health. Plus buckets of inspiration.


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A Night at an Irish Pub

As some of you may know, I have spent the last five days in Dublin. Ireland. For decades I have been dreaming about this country. My biggest holiday wish has always been a horse riding vacation in Ireland – though it never came to pass. Green rolling hills. Brick walls. Sheep. Celtic traditions. And of course Irish folk music. I absolutely love Irish folk music.

Friday night we had dinner at the Oliver St Johan Gogarty pub. By that time I was half asleep from walking the streets of Dublin all day. But at 8 PM three musicians unpacked their instruments and started tuning their guitar, violin and banjo. My head lifted and my hand was drumming to the beat. Soon everyone was singing and clapping along. The singer/guitar player asked each group where they came from and you can hear him calling all countries in the video at 2.10 minutes. This talented ensemble gave us a glorious evening.

What a nice short break this has been. After the south of England, yet another island has bound my heart. I called my Mom to ask if there was any chance I have English or Irish blood in my veins. She just grinned and told me she didn’t remember 😉

I will show you more of Dublin later this week. But Dublin, charming as it is, is not Ireland. I really need to see the country side, see the greenness with my own eyes. Experience other cities. So I’m planning on coming back in 2014, traveling from Scotland over to Ireland, to get to know this country better. This was my first taste of Ireland – and Guinness – and already I’m craving for more, much more.