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News: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands retires

For two hundred years kings and queens have reigned over the Netherlands. We have had a lot of Willems, as you can see:


Today our Queen Beatrix announced her retirement on April 30, 2013. She will step back after thirty three years, leaving the throne to her first-born son.


So finally a new king will step up to the throne – after 123 years of queens – King Willem-Alexander and his Queen Máxima.


Queen Beatrix celebrates her 75th birthday on January 31st. A very special date for me. Not because of the Queen, but because of my mother. Mom – exactly one year the Queen’s senior – will celebrate her 76th birthday this Thursday.  And to me that is more special than any Royal House happening!

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SIT ON IT? No more, Fonzie!

In the morning we sit at our breakfast table. We drive to work and sit in a car, bus or train. Then we sit eight hours a day at our desk. Drive home and sit at the dinner table. In the evening the couch is our seat. In short: we sit out a large part of our lives… which is bad for our health. We have to move more and sit less.


What? Sit on it? No more, Fonz! We have to start moving again, like our ancestors did. And I have found a solution, even two:

Take a look at the Treadmill Desk:


And the We Bike Desk:


Isn’t this something?

Here’s the Treadmill Desk in action:

Can you see yourself sitting walking and biking at your desk? The construction doesn’t seem to be that hard to assemble. No more dieting or expensive fitness subscriptions, no. We work, we move. With the We Bike, we even produce energy.

More information at Treadmill Desk and We Bike.


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Tree FriEnTs

I love trees!

In summer:

1307 Canterbury

And in winter:

328 Phoenix Park

The first photo was taken in Canterbury, England, and the second in Dublin, Ireland. I don’t know why, but some trees I just HAVE to touch. To connect with and feel the roots through the bark, firmly planted in the ground.

How about you? Are trees special for you?

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Sunday Post: Simplicity


a pole, some numbers

fuss nor fancy, they just work

in simplicity



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Sunday Post

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Recipe: Dutch Pea Soup

Winter recipe for winter days: Dutch Pea Soup Continue reading “Recipe: Dutch Pea Soup”

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Travel theme: Up


Let the wind take you

up and higher on hot air

the skies are waiting



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


beyond green lining

lies the way into unknown

memories to be made



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Traffic Jam Record

Today it snowed in the Netherlands. Up until now the weather has been kind and mellow, but  last night and in daytime the clouds emptied many buckets of snow over parts of Holland. And our country caved in under the pressure of this white blanket.

Long traffic jams were the result: over thousand kilometers of stranded and lined up cars. An all time record! I didn’t even know we had that many roads. 😉 Trains were canceled. Planes couldn’t keep their schedule due to the snow and ice.

Amazing how society gets turned upside down by one day of snow…


Photo: Spranknieuws
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Monday Blues


Goodnight, bad Monday

Pass your blessings to Tuesday

Be better next time!



Sweet dreams out there…