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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – the making of

Bilbo Baggins is on the loose. I have seen him in action last Saturday, and I was enchanted by the unique Middle Earth atmosphere once more. Oh what bless to go back to the magic of Tolkien. To see his story come to life, in full color and 3D action. With special compliments for the Lady Galadriel and Smeagol. Epic scenes, dwarven battles, the eye of Smaug in stead of the eye of Sauron. I loved every minute of it. Come on, Peter Jackson, give us part two and three! Or at least the DVD.  I want to see it again. And again!

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected journey, you could see a compilation of trailers and TV commercials. In the video below, you will see more of the making of. Choose the highest quality and full screen for the best effect.

* happy sigh *

Have you seen The Hobbit? What do you think of this movie? What did you love and what could/should have been different or better? 


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16 thoughts on “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – the making of

  1. Well maybe I should go then Marion 😉
    Will report tomorrow ! ….. *tries to contain excitement *
    So glad Hobbit countdown was worth it for you !


      1. I SO enjoyed it !!!! I did think it was a tiny tiny bit slow to start but then I was transported into the World again of Hobbits Dwarves and Elvish ….. I am totally in awe of just how they make such epic films …. I actually haven’t read the book for some years ,we do have the LOTR but I think I need a *nice* copy of the Hobbit 😉


  2. Ah…you read my heart and mind. I loved every moment of the movie as I have all of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien movies. There are things that I would wish different, but it is not MY movie, it is his and it is perfect as it is.

    Much love,


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