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Travel theme: Transportation


Big Black, our beloved Harley-Davidson. THE transportation in holiday time!

What is your favorite means of transportation? And why?


More photo’s at Ailsa’s Where’s my backpack?


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20 thoughts on “Travel theme: Transportation

  1. Motorcycle was the nicest, can’t really describe that feeling of freedom! Only a rider would know πŸ™‚
    Unfortunately I don’t do it anymore… not sure what it would be now, maybe plane because it means I’m travelling πŸ™‚


    1. To feel the wind in your face and the road open before you, right, Bashar? πŸ™‚ I hope you will get back on one day.
      A great way to be transported, the plane. It takes you to any place you want to go. Good choice.


  2. Hij is prachtig (maar de motor is wel het dodelijkste wegapparaat).
    Ik ben verslaafd aan fietsen. Minstens 20 kilometer per dag.
    Zo hoef ik niet naar de sportschool, en de dokter is altijd tevreden over mijn bloeddruk.


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