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Graceful Concept


of power and invention

in graceful concept



click the photo for a larger version

It looks like a motorbike, it has the feel of a motorbike. But it still is only a concept and will never hit the roads full power.


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20 thoughts on “Graceful Concept

  1. Now that’s an innovation…with the exhaust pipes wrapping around like that, shrouding the rider with engine warmth…that would be GREAT to ride on a cold day like today….also sort of has that “Steampunk” look to it… I like it:


  2. I’m clueless too really Marion 😉 I’ve only ever ridden pillion on a CBR600 yrs ago but not one for speed now lol
    It is an amazing concept .


  3. Well I never ! LOL I am looking very closely with my specs on Marion and trying to figure it all out 😉
    Goood one.
    I’m struggling this week with the challenge :-/


    1. Were you? Wow! I never try to figure out how a motorbike works, I just get behind my partner and hold on 😉
      I recognize an air filter, the steering wheel and the saddle. Plus the wheels and exhaust pipe. But other than that, I’m clueless 😀
      But these customized bikes are awesome, though some of them will never ride outside.


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