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Vampire Eyes

Six Word Saturday:

Vampire eyes, begone! Contacts or glasses?


In fifteen minutes I’m leaving for my optician. Since a month, my eyes are very red – especially in the evening – and very tired. Perhaps it is caused by the adjustment in the right lens a month back, which gave me trouble reading. Perhaps it is caused by the change in weather: dry and frosty. Whatever it is, I don’t want to go back to wearing glasses. They are irritating, they obstruct my vision and they are just not me.

But my biggest fear is that these problems are caused by too much screen-time. At work I sit full time behind a computer. In the evenings I’m in my writing den, behind a computer.

Do you have advise, tips, do’s and don’ts? I’d love to hear them!


Since the check-up last week, my eyes have improved! But not enough. I am not allowed to wear my contacts yet and am now walking around with my old, six year old glasses. A new appointment for Tuesday morning. The optician suspects it’s something comparable to a cold, so a viral thing, though they are not infected. She gave me eye drops which I have to apply at least five times a day, to keep my eyes as moist as possible. Perhaps I should watch sentimental movies so I can cry? 😉



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27 thoughts on “Vampire Eyes

    1. A weekend offline did nothing to improve it, Eliz. But I agree with you that screen time isn’t especially kind on eyes 🙂 The doctor didn’t know either, he thought of an allergy. By now I think the dry air is the culprit. At work, more people are complaining about their eyes. And sneezing!

      How are you doing?


      1. Got it… I’m doing okay… Between the Newtown tragedy and my main laptop needing a new screen, I’m being mindful not to complain… My tiny notebook is hard to use but I’m grateful to have it until my laptop returns. How are you?


        1. I’m fine, Eliz, though still no contacts 😉 Looking forward to Christmas holiday!
          Working on a small notebook is nice enough, but it’s not the same as the bigger laptop or desktop. I hope it will return to you soon.


  1. I don’t want to bore you with details but I lost vision in my left eye for a week last summer… it was as scary as hell!!! My advice is just rest your eyes… don’t look anything electronic for a week… I was told that I had to or I could go blind! At one point the Dr. said we need to talk about the possibility of you not getting your vision back… Not looking at TV, monitors, phones, anything electronic for a week was nothing compared to the alternative.

    Walk outside… enjoy nature… just go bak in time like it was 200 years ago 🙂 People still kept busy without electronics 🙂


    1. You must have been panicked, Bashar, that is really, really awful. All kinds of doom scenarios flash through your head. I am SO glad it worked out alright! And in your situation it was the only thing to do.
      For my spare time non-electronic time is a great suggestion, Bashar, but at work it’s just not possible. My job is fully computer related and I work minimum 40 hours a week.
      We went for a walk on Saturday and went to friends on Sunday. In the evening half movie / half book, but no PC 🙂


  2. Hope you all will be able to figure out a way for you to wear contacts and have healthy eyes. Maybe so many hours of contacts and then glasses for the rest of the evening to give your eyes a break?



  3. I never went for contacts so I am an eye glass girl all the way. I wore the same glasses for 8 years so this fall I finally a more up to date style. The lens didn’t change but it still took a while to get used to the new glasses. Good luck!


    1. Will you keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow morning? I’ve been giving my eyes as much rest as possible in the weekend. Sleeping in and such 😉
      But today it was a full work day again. Have closed my eyes in between work. Thanks for the hugs, appreciated! 😀


    1. The good news is: if its a viral thing – see my update in the post – it will heal on its own and I can simply go on like I always do. They can take my TV, I wouldn’t care less. But my computer…


    1. Have written an update: still not allowed to wear my contacts, but with the eye drops and the rest (though my eyes have to work harder with my old glasses) I hope to be back in contacts soon! Have to go back a third time on Tuesday.
      Do you have contacts, Poppy, or only glasses? I’m thinking of buying (fitting) glasses, to have a back-up in emergencies.


      1. Just glasses. I have had them for a couple of years varifocals for driving and long distance. For reading altho I should be able to see I find them USELESS :-/ I would for never have £££ varifocals again ! Now I use off the peg reading specs from Boots the Chemist . Eyesight is so precious I hope you can get it all working out for you very soon x


        1. Then it will be NO varifocals for me either, Poppy, thanks for the advice. I hear more negative things about these glasses. Was thinking about contacts varifocals, because those little letters get smaller each day it seems (which my son can read effortlessly), so I’m going to combine contacts with reading glasses +1.
          Keep them healthy! 🙂


  4. In the same place, all day in front of the screen testing my computer program that is being encoded… and of course reading blogs etc… have the same problem and I don’t wear glasses, don’t need them, but I think it is the concentration of looking at the screen the whole time… if you find a cure please let us know… my eyes sometimes look as though I’m bleeding to death via the eyes…


    1. The good news is: it’s probably a viral thing (update in post) which will go away on its own again.
      Her advice is to keep the eyes moist, Bulldogsturf, so you could try eye-drops (five times a day or more). And if you have to squint too much to read text on your screen, you might want to have your eyes checked. When you can read without any effort, you won’t get as tired. Sounds like your eyes are (not) pretty red too, even more red than mine! Please take care, you need them too much. And we need them too, through your beautiful posts and photos.


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