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Vampire Eyes

Six Word Saturday:

Vampire eyes, begone! Contacts or glasses?


In fifteen minutes I’m leaving for my optician. Since a month, my eyes are very red – especially in the evening – and very tired. Perhaps it is caused by the adjustment in the right lens a month back, which gave me trouble reading. Perhaps it is caused by the change in weather: dry and frosty. Whatever it is, I don’t want to go back to wearing glasses. They are irritating, they obstruct my vision and they are just not me.

But my biggest fear is that these problems are caused by too much screen-time. At work I sit full time behind a computer. In the evenings I’m in my writing den, behind a computer.

Do you have advise, tips, do’s and don’ts? I’d love to hear them!


Since the check-up last week, my eyes have improved! But not enough. I am not allowed to wear my contacts yet and am now walking around with my old, six year old glasses. A new appointment for Tuesday morning. The optician suspects it’s something comparable to a cold, so a viral thing, though they are not infected. She gave me eye drops which I have to apply at least five times a day, to keep my eyes as moist as possible. Perhaps I should watch sentimental movies so I can cry? 😉



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