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Travel theme: Circles

Don’t be square, Ailsa says, join in the circles theme and spread the love a-round.

And of course we follow our charming challenger! 😉

~ click the photos for a larger image ~

The circles in the first photo are motorbike wheels, for those who hadn’t recognized them yet. And they should indeed be circular, or the ride would get bumpy. 😉

Have you ever seen such a peculiar field of yellow ‘flowers’? They only bloom once every ten years, so I was very fortunate to shoot the second photo.

Last but not least was the intriguing sight of my empty ice tea glass. It was trying to suck me in, so I blocked it with my camera. I didn’t take any repercussions though, ’cause the tea probably saved my life and sanity in the heat of Italy.


Get round at Where’s my backpack too! 😀


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39 thoughts on “Travel theme: Circles

  1. When you said they bloomed only every 10 years, you really got me! I’m seriously looking at them, thinking, really… we sure don’t have ANYTHING like that in the US, that I’ve seen, and I’ve been around. I love them. Just still naive!! hahaha Marsha 🙂


  2. *sneaks a look around and pokes her head out* Hey you gussied up the place just for me? You didn’t have to do that!!! But it looks very colorful and I like the snow falling. Circles. A reminder of infinity!!
    Much love,


    1. Just a holiday fun theme, I wanted to do something different with my blogs today. In January it’s back to the normal lay-out 😉
      A reminder of infinity, indeed, Jules. Have a wonderful weekend, sweetheart.


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