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About Evil Dwarves and Delvers

YES, I made it in time before our next session. In one week the Dungeons & Dragons madness will continue. If you want to follow us on our adventures, you are more than welcome to travel along. There are five episodes in the last session:

  1. Road to Dunspeirrin
  2. Spider Silk
  3. Even more spiders
  4. Dunspeirrin
  5. The Delver

It is hard to find fitting images, so I created one myself

And those two round things are spiders! Yes, they are! See, eight legs 😉

I hope you will have fun reading about our crazy actions in the land of the Underdark.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

~ click the photo for a larger image ~

Changing Seasons

Over at WordPress you can see many beautiful photos of the changing seasons – Thank you, Cheri!

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Travel theme: Circles

Don’t be square, Ailsa says, join in the circles theme and spread the love a-round.

And of course we follow our charming challenger! 😉

~ click the photos for a larger image ~

The circles in the first photo are motorbike wheels, for those who hadn’t recognized them yet. And they should indeed be circular, or the ride would get bumpy. 😉

Have you ever seen such a peculiar field of yellow ‘flowers’? They only bloom once every ten years, so I was very fortunate to shoot the second photo.

Last but not least was the intriguing sight of my empty ice tea glass. It was trying to suck me in, so I blocked it with my camera. I didn’t take any repercussions though, ’cause the tea probably saved my life and sanity in the heat of Italy.


Get round at Where’s my backpack too! 😀