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many tales roam free

where friends meet in surroundings

of wellness… and beer!


~ click the photo for a larger image ~

Surround yourself with friends this weekend.

Published @ Eye-Catcher


More contributions to Jake Sprinter’s photo challenge at Surroundings.


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36 thoughts on “Surroundings

  1. Great B&W photo of the surroundings you were in. I wish I could go out and be with friends this weekend, but just like the last two weekend, I am home sick with my dog Brandy, who is taking care of me, by making sure I get out of bed to take her out side. Wonderful photo! 😉


  2. Hi Mar, I came in to leave a sisterly kiss, and I found this beer haven 🙂 It does not look like a common pub… Your recent photos are amazing… you have a knack for b&w 🙂


    1. The kiss is gladly accepted 🙂
      This is a combination of pub and restaurant, we visited there a couple of weeks ago.
      I do hope to surprise you many times with my photos. I have to keep up with you somehow 😉


              1. I only have wine…. but I prefer cognac to whisky any way ;). I am having a fever now, and I have worked with it this week – it is a bit too intense at work these days. I am sorry for not being in touch lately.


                1. Never worry, I will be here, even after a month. And a year. Fifty years will be tough though, so make sure you come back before that time 😉
                  Sorry that you are having such a hard time, work- and health-wise.


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