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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal is Cheri Lucas’ challenge.

This word conjures a variety of images, from bright blossoms to meditating monks. When I think of “renewal”, I think of starting a new job, arriving in a new city that’s ripe for exploration, walking through a new apartment with white walls, and taking a hot shower after a challenging day. I

Share a picture that means RENEWAL to you!

I have chosen two photos for this week. The first one is quite obvious: a seemingly dead branch suddenly sprouts with life! 😀

The second image means double renewal to me. In this photo V-man’s sons stand on the left, while my sons are on the right, representing the renewal of a generation. Moreover, these young men are looking out over the renewal of Ground Zero!

More Renewals at the Daily Post of WordPress.


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41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

  1. Hello there
    I come to let you know as you have been following my Blog Far Away, as it has been moved and it seem to you haven’t read it yet?
    Far Away is moved to another server on . I welcome you back on the new place and hope to be in contact with you

    Thanks in advanced
    Kind regards
    Mariane Cordes
    (sorry … tried to find another place to write to you)


    1. That ‘dead’ piece of wood coming to life was a great find.
      And the photo of our combined sons in that spot… I was observing them in stead of the building pit behind the window. Special young people.
      Thank you, my friend.


  2. Excellent shots my friend. I love the one of your and Vman’s sons…it bring so much to focus. Just great. Have a wonderful, rest filled weekend!!
    Much love,


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