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Holiday Rant

When I look at my life, I see all of my days spent at work. Because I have to earn a living, to provide for my sons, to finance their study. To have a roof over our heads, dry and warm. And dinner on the table. While my passion lies in writing and photography. And my energy comes from (and goes to) my sons, my partner, family and friends. My mind wants to dive into books and movies. I am eager to create new dishes and make delicious suppers. To eat healthy, create refreshing fruity smoothies.

Each holiday – like now – I feel myself slowing down and my reservoir filling up again. My muse lifting her head and creativity flowing. I feel ALIVE and in control.

Hell, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working. Worrying over little things, about loads of e-mails and reoccurring banalities, while I long to be with my family, to spend time on real important matters. To be home. To go out. Go on the most fantastic holidays and see the world, big and small.

But I should not complain. At all! At work I’m surrounded by great folks who have humor and commitment. And the work is with pen and PC, not slaving away in the heat, cold or rain. Where I can speak my mind without fear of repercussions. Where people actually listen, and value my opinion. A job that challenges my abilities. And though I mutter and curse at it at times, I am grateful.

If I were younger, I would have studied a new bachelor Communications. If I could start anew, I would have chosen a different path in my career. I would be out there, in nature, with a camera and notebook. But I’m not. So I’m going to grab the opportunities that life tosses on my path and find my own, meandering way, notwithstanding the demands life makes in a financial way. With honor and respect, commitment and an occasional rant like this one. For we’ve all been given just one life. THIS life. It is yours. Make life worth living, each and every day. For we only have a limited amount of time.

How do you keep your balance between your passions and life’s demands?

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Caretaker of males, both human and feline. No lady, but all woman. Avid reader and photographer. Determined to find writing time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I need you to meet the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

24 thoughts on “Holiday Rant

  1. We feel very much the same about this, Marion, which is somewhat of a surprise because I don’t work at a paying job. But there are always demands on our time. And there is never enough of it–time that is. We just adjust our expectations to the time we have. I think you hit the nail on the head when you wrote “Make life worth living each and every day.”

    And I’m glad you are able to recognize the rewards you get from work–from largely doing without those, I recognize their value.


  2. Marion, you represent so many mothers. I have watched my women friends having to be involved in their lives, their jobs and their children’s lives with so many demands I wonder how they don’t fly apart. We’ve created quite a load for people when we thought we were bringing so much more time to people. We humans know how to fill time faster than nature does! This is perfect for the Occupy. Many thanks for participating. Enjoy your restoration!


    1. You are right: the more time we have, the more we want to do with it. How many times can we sit still and do nothing at all? Not often probably. There’s always something that has to be done. Or should we simply say no and stay put? Perhaps modern society is making us a little bit crazy.
      We should take an example in nature, where time goes slowly and has its own rhythm.
      Thanks so much.


  3. Mine is completely unbalanced at the moment. But I’m an optimist so ONE DAY…

    Enjoy your holiday. May it set free your creativity and warm your heart.


  4. Who is telling you that you need a balance in your life? .. Who tell you that you can’t do this and not do that? .. To be a free spirit you DO what you feel for in that moment and of course you need to take consideration here and there. BUT!! .. Often I hear how could you do it. In an awe situation – I tell you. I can because I want to. I raised 2 girls, I tried to find my way of the path, it was not always a good path and when it it was? I was in heaven. I have a few skills that took me to their paths of world, so to speak. Did I find the “right” path yet? ..What is the “right” path? – Today I am a grandmother – one daughter living in UK and the other in Sweden, the biggest canon shot at my heart was when my youngest told me I was not her mother and her children’s grandmother any more. I have to move on otherwise I am completely lost. My oldest (In UK) have a son 11 years old, has lost her sister as well. We talk daily if possible (I live in Denmark) So you see? No balance at all 😉 – I can still smile but I have days that is hard. I feel I never had balance in my life but I have accomplished many things. I can write, I can make photos, I can paint – and much more for the personal thing. I am a great leader I have been told I am a good of organisation I have been told. Do you know me now?? .. Do you think you need balance in your life? It might means then you are not in 100% of your passions at all?.. Your question opened a waterfall of thoughts here. Thanks for “listening”


    1. You must have been hurting a lot when your youngest daughter said that to you and your eldest child. And you are still hurting now, I can feel it in your words. But I can also feel that you are a strong woman, who can take pride in herself!
      About the balance: it is I who wants that. Who would love that. Less time for work and more time for my passions, but that is simply not possible. So I accept that, restructuring the balance I need in my life. Life is so busy that life is living us, in stead of the other way around. And I need to stop and consider that at regular intervals. Like this holiday.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Mariane..


  5. How do I keep balance with life’s demands and passion? Alcohol. 😀 😛 Lovely little rant there. I am glad you have a week off on holiday and can spend it as you please my friend. Enjoy the waning of the summer into fall and further to the start of the “end of the year”. How did it come so soon? I wish for you to have the time to explore all your passions and let the simple joy of life take you to new vistas to explore and reach further towards your ultimate goals.
    Much love,


    1. Cheers, Jules, where would we be without the occasional glass of wine. Dark beer. Or Scottish whisky! Nowhere, I tell ya! 😉
      Perhaps time simply runs like hell when we’re asleep. We should stay awake at all times: you in the West and I in the East. Think that would help? We would gain 1/3 of a day 😀
      My holiday is nice and relaxed, while tomorrow I’ll be making a Thanksgiving Supper for my family (on Saturday). Life is good.
      Take care, my sweet friend, and keep smiling, singing and alcoholing 😉


  6. You are such a creative soul Marion – I love your photos and your stories!
    I am reading a book by Ken Robinson called The Element. It is about finding and follow your passion in life and how that changes everything.
    Wonderful and important topic – great post!


    1. Sounds like a very interesting book, Anne. Combining your personal talents with passion is extremely important. The Element, everybody needs to arrive at – or at least search for – this point.


  7. heej Marionneke, hoe herkenbaar: ik dacht echt hetzelfde vandaag, heerlijk vrij je voelt weer zin in opkomen in leuke dingen doen opkomen, lekker koken, ja zelfs het achterstallige huishouden te doen:) kortom energie komt terug maar alhoewel we het werk soms vervloeken hebben we het er ook leuk maar energie krijgen we vooral van andere dingen, je passies die er soms bij inschieten….liefs Jolanda


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