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Ladona wrote a post about the new video of ThePianoGuys: Titanium/Pavane last week (there’s an instrumental and a vocal version).

I’ve been enjoying the music and videos of ThePianoGuys for over a year now. They are musical. They are talented. And funny! Two musicians, Jon Schmidt on piano and Steven Starp Nelson playing the cello – both acoustic and electric – transform covers into art. And the settings of their videos are surprising, often breathtaking.

ThePianoGuys is an American YouTube channel consisting of Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek. They became famous through YouTube, where they posted videos of renditions and mashups of popular songs accompanied by professional-looking video shot and edited by Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart. In December 2011 they released their first album.

Information: Wikipedia

My favorite is their remake of Coldplay’s Paradise, melted into an awesome African style piece, with Alex Boyé as singer.

Now enough of the talking and information. Let us listen and watch in stead!


If you want to see other videos, here is the official ThePianoGuys channel.

What do YOU think about these guys?


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23 thoughts on “ThePianoGuys

  1. I came across these guys awhile ago, and I think I’ve watched every video on their YouTube channel. I love the different settings they film. A favourite of mine is the five people on one piano! Such a variety of texture of sound and from one instrument! 🙂


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