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Role Playing Weekend

Yes, another Dungeons & Dragons weekend coming up.

If you want to see what our last weekend (in July) was like, you can read the posts on my blog Dungeon DuTchess. Just click on the four images:


And would you please excuse me now? I have to get some sleep in advance 😉


Blogger who loves her camera. No lady, but all woman. Caretaker of lads, cats, dungeons & dragons. DuTchess. V-man's biker witch.

10 thoughts on “Role Playing Weekend

  1. I finally started getting notifications again!!! Have a great weekend and tell all the folks hi from me with a hug. Have fun, safe home again.
    Much love,


    1. You did it, Jules! 😀
      Enjoy your weekend, will write you next week. Have spent the day helping out in an animal shelter with three co-workers. A piece of my heart stayed there with those cats and dogs.


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