People. human beings making up a group. United by culture, tradition or sense of kingship. 

Share a photo of people, Jake Sprinter asked us. Here is mine: Target Reversed😉

Target Reversed

More People in Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post.

23 thoughts on “People

        • You think so too?😀 That is great to hear, Vivan!
          My partner (LAT) asked me Wednesday what I had done this week, and I replied with ‘Absolutely nothing, only stuff I wanted to do! Like read, write, cook.’. He rolled his eyes but said nothing hehehe.


          • These days, most people are so over-scheduled and overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and obligations. Daydreaming is under-rated…and I think it is important sometimes to just ‘be’. And when we take the time to do what we love (whether it is cooking or reading or writing or walking or…), we are feeding our inner-self…so so so important! Otherwise, we are starved and cannot give freely and lovingly to others.🙂


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