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Berry of the Valley, part two

In my earlier post Berry of the Valley, I showed you how my beautiful and small Lily of the Valley had suddenly changed into green berries. And I promised you they would turn red.

Well, today is the day: here are my RED Berries of the Valley 😉

They kind of look like tomatoes, right? But let me assure you: they are really small. I would never have imagined the graceful white bell flowers would transform this much.


Caretaker of males, both human and feline. No lady, but all woman. Avid reader and photographer. Determined to find writing time during busy days. And nights if needed. Because I need you to meet the wonderful people who are living in my mind.

20 thoughts on “Berry of the Valley, part two

      1. Oh, are you teaching University? 🙂 English? 😀

        I wish your migraine would leave soon. This week I am consecutive translating in meetings with Italian Joint Venture that came here to split our company in half – I dont have problems with them except for their English, but the people in the company are getting very upset and mean with all the stress related to it …. Besides, I am having some weird physical reactions … (getting weird bleeding or probably a p. in 19 days time and am freaking out)… Now, this is probably oversharing – I hope nobody, but you reads it. When you have time, you can tell me more about your work and published article 🙂 x


        1. LOL, no. I’m on the supporting side 😉 Am information manager, schedule- and exam coordinator and up to now e-learning coach.
          The migraine has subsided under medication, I had to take them. Yesterday when I drove home, my head frightened me. I couldn’t look at moving objects anymore without my brain doing weird stuff. I drove straight home and asked my son to go out for groceries, while I fell on the couch. Bleh. But all is a lot better now.
          I can understand the people in your company are getting upset, is their job in any danger?
          Perhaps the stress gets to you and messes with your hormones, Paula? Don’t freak out but write down what is happening when. If needed consult a doctor.
          The column is published on my Dutch blog Doldriest. Here’s is the link:
          Come on and translate it 😉 Or let the photos speak to you


          1. Yup, I am under a great amount of stress and overworked, and my health problems must be related to that. There will be some serious stuff-cuts and all other things coming along with it. I am not in any real danger, I think, but being involved in the whole process just exhausts me, and it is getting very hard to be around co-workers these days. That’s life. Thank you for lending your ear dear.


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