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When I saw this scene, my eyes were not drawn towards the grass, nor to the tree. It was the reflection that I found myself looking at… Where does your gaze wander?

More reflections @ Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post

23 thoughts on “Reflection

        • Last year a company cruelly tore down a row of trees that was growing behind my garden, and replaced them with houses. I was devastated, Jo.
          I have planted bamboo in front of my shed, hoping it will grow fast and high.


          • That is awful Marion. I came home a few months ago to find the developer, who was building a house to sell on, next door had ripped out all my hedge trees in between the properties. I felt a bit [no actually a lot] violent towards him and avoided him for days until I was calm enough not to scalp him on sight. I think the Native American had a great idea with the whole scalping thing…looks and sounds like it could be very satisfying at times…don’t you think?😉😉😉


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