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Words in silent flow

Amazing film, where one scene naturally flows into the next through silent Words…

Live & Learn

I watched this seven times.  I learned something new each time.  (Hint: Think “word sequence.“)  Bottom Line: CLEVER.

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “Words in silent flow

      1. 😀 I figured as much :). I was reblogged once by some Italian wedding planning site … they snatched my photos of Italian lakes 😀 – it produced some mixed feelings in me – but at the end I was feeling sort of proud and flattered 😉 P.S. I love your writing – I really do.. but I get so distracted so easily with all the comotion around me. I started reading about these poor women with 15 pounds brass rings on their necks 😦


        1. My posts are going nowhere and will wait patiently until you can focus enough to read 😉
          Can you imagine wearing those rings? I would toss them as far as possible, but that’s easy to say, not living in the circumstances these women live in.


          1. Me, nope, no, never, I was a feminist since I was 4 😀 ( I swear). I don’t even wear my wedding band… nope no jewelry. I have some whimsical collections that I only put on me twice or thrice but normally you will not see me chained on my fingers, ankles, wrists or neck… no effing way…. they say it is beautifying …. just a silly excuse to make these poor women chained ….. it makes me relieved I was born here, when I see this I remember it could have been much worse than Croatia 😉


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