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Afternoon at the Geneva Lake

Switzerland. A new country after a magnificent climb over the Bernard Pass, crossing over from Italy.



The views were breathtaking, as was the winding road of the Alps.

We found a hotel in Vevey, with a view over the Lake of Geneva. You had to see through the trees though 😉 There was a music festival near the lake and V-man and I spent a great afternoon walking, talking, listening to music, reading and taking photos. The afternoon light of the Lake of Geneva was magical.






We had dinner upstairs. I hope I had veal in Madras sauce.


This gorgeous beauty we encountered on our walk through the town of Vevey.


For now I will say goodnight. It’s time for CSI in French. A welcome change from this series in Italian 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Afternoon at the Geneva Lake

  1. Always nice to ‘see’ your vacation through your eyes and reading all about it. Have a nice and safe roadtrip home (whenever that may be 😉 ) x


  2. Ik ben net terug van Zwitserland, een streek op zo’n twee uur van Genève. We hebben er prachtige alpenwandelingen gemaakt! We zijn niet naar het meer van Genève geweest, maar de treinrit erlangs was ook niet te versmaden.


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