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Love – Hate Relationship

Fresh air! Finally there’s fresh air in the air! I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Italy in summer.

The heat is sapping my strength. The motor helmet and jacket add to safety. But add triple to discomfort. While all Italians buzz past us, only dressed in shorts, shirt and slippers. Plus a helmet. Unbelievable.

Here again some photos of the Italian landscape, last night’s B&B which we found through the Harley Dealer in Levante, who called the owner. She, Susanna, came by car to lead us and our Big Black to her house in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Beautiful! And a challenging small path with U-turns for V-man to navigate on.

Today we rode north again and are now in Ivrea. A hotel with WiFi, resulting in this post which I’m typing on my iPhone. No fancy editing of the header, I’m sorry 😉

The weather is changing here, there was a bit of lightning earlier on.

And now I’m going to take shower number 275 of this week. Have a lovely weekend.










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