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The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings – animated

I am SO very sorry. Upon rechecking these links – I wanted to continue watching – suddenly the message appeared that the videos have been removed by the user.

😦 😦 😦


Look, look, LOOK!

The Hobbit

The Lord Of The Rings

The Return Of The King

I remember that I breathlessly watched one part of Lord of the Rings (animated) when I was still living at home… and that the sequel was never shown. Well, now I have found it, all in these films! 😀

So much fun comparing them to Peter Jackson’s movies.

Will you watch them with me? If only for a little while?


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18 thoughts on “The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings – animated

            1. Haha, sorry dat ik je droom zo wreed verwoest heb dan. Ik hoop dat je smult van ieder woord, en dat Tolkien je ook met The Hobbit op het puntje van je stoel kan houden.
              Mijn stoel heeft trouwens geen puntje.


  1. Hey they lady friend. I hope you enjoy all those old animated films. I don’t think I have any of them. (((hugs)))
    Much love,


  2. Great post. I found the movies a little long and boring so I will return later to watch the animated versions with you. Holidays shortly so I shall have time :o)


    1. That would be nice, Georgia. I hope you find these animated movies more interesting to watch than the Peter Jackson movies.

      Though I can’t understand how you ever could find them long and boring. I think they are still too short and have seen them many times. 😉

      Have a great holiday!! 🙂


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