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Harley-Davidson motor bikes are valuable. VERY valuable. In money. But they are more valuable in feeling.

Harley riders don’t own a bike, their bike owns them. They live and breath Harley. Buying wheels is not enough, they need to adapt, to customize them, so no two Harley’s are identical. And they know what is fabric made and what is not by just looking at them.

They can talk for hours about a head light. Or an exhaust pipe. And I just nod and look wise. I don’t care. I love watching these motor bikes, riding them. I love the freedom they provide.

Yes, Harley-Davidson motor bikes are valuable. Even if they would not cost much.

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25 thoughts on “Valuable

  1. Love the feeling of this :)! I often drove an MC (BMW) with my father as a child, sitting safely behind him, loved it then and still think the world of it. My dream is to own one myself, my fathers dream was a Harley ;)…


    1. My father used to have a motor bike when he was younger, and he cruised the Netherlands, together with my mom.
      So for me it is extra special to be able to do that too with my partner.


  2. I’m in awe of motorcycle riders. The wind blowing through your tresses…the cool air on your cheeks…sunglasses to hide your penetrating gaze… Not for me, however, I’d be scared out of my wits. Almost like riding a roller coaster. 😦


    1. You just have to have faith in your rider, Hugmamma, in the other traffic participants and in the Goddess. I have my doubts and fears too, but I just surrender. Or else I wouldn’t get on. 😉


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