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Villages of England

The fishing village of Clovelly was a pleasant surprise on our trip in the south of England,

as was Corfe, village of Dorset, with its famous castle.

More villages in Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post.

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Caravaggio – Beatrice Knop

Thank you, Jen, for leading me here.

An extraordinary performance of elegance, expression and body control in a graceful dance. Such enormous strength in the slender body of Beatrice Knop, born December 13, 1972 in East-Berlin.

Her partner in this piece is Leonard Jakovina.

It takes years of tremendous work, dedication and commitment to reach this level.

Please watch Caravaggio with me.


I’m in awe. Though I don’t dare to think of what this woman’s torso, legs and especially feet have to endure.

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   Six Word Saturday:


Street golf. Barbecue boat. Girls Out.

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Our friend Monnik celebrated her 40th birthday today, by inviting seven friends for an afternoon of street golf and a very special barbecue on water. Though we only reached four golf ‘holes’ – two trees and two concrete blocks – and almost knocked a woman off her bike, we had big fun. The boat had a lazy engine, which got us stuck under a bridge for a while, and also a lazy barbecue (the round device in the middle of the orange ‘boat’), but in the end the boat and wine floated and the food got hot so we could finally dig in. The nice skipper kept his thoughts to himself hehehe.

Thanks Monnik, for sharing this special day with us.

Have a fine weekend!


Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.


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