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Spirits in a bottle

   Six Word Saturday:


Tonight we drink Water of Scotland

A big part of the Netherlands is orange these days, honoring their soccer heroes in the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. Later today the Dutch team will play their first match.

But there will be no orange for us. No, amber – light and dark, sweet or smoky – takes the spotlight. Around 9 PM friends will gather to smell, taste and savor Scottish single malt whisky – ‘whiskey’ is Irish, ‘whisky’ is Scottish. My favorites are Dalwhinnie (one of the six classic malts of Scotland, finished in Oloroso casks) and Aberlour. What are yours?

Have a tasty weekend!


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13 thoughts on “Spirits in a bottle

  1. You will never guess what I ended up drinking myself… tea and red wine.

    But the others had:
    – The Dalmore 12 years old
    – Highland Park 12
    – Glenmorangie 10
    – The Coopers Choice (Speyside) 9
    – The Glenturret
    – The Glenkinchie 12
    – Bunnahabhain (Islay) 12
    All single malt Scotch whisky.


  2. No orange for us either and no whisky for me too, but my husband likes to drink the malt kinds of whisky, like Jameson, Jack Daniels, the Bourbon kinds and so on. He likes the Dalwhinnie also. I hope you’ve enjoyed the evening in a high spirits way. Have a great sunday 🙂


  3. Not too much of a whisky drinker these days. (sorry, is that sacrilege?) Used to drink it with cider when I was young and daft, or more tamely, lime and lemon. No wonder I don’t like it any more, huh?
    Partial to port, though.


    1. LOL Jo, chuckling over your ‘sacrilege’. When I drink whisky, it takes me the entire evening to finish off half a glass of what a regular whisky drinker pours down in one take. I just savor the taste of the ones I mentioned, sweet and somehowe fruity. .
      Normally I drink tea, liters of it. And in the weekend red wine. Sometimes a red or white port too. And whisky when I feel like it.
      My partner introduced me to whisky only four years ago.


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