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Whiff of the East


A whiff of the East

descended on my garden

Center of stillness


Photo © Marion Driessen

Earlier this year, this beautiful Japanese ornament (on the right) was given to me as a thank-you from the Karate club. My dear friend Jan searched a long time to find me something this special. I love the peace and quiet the pagoda brings, just by looking at it.

Thank you, Jan.


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12 thoughts on “Whiff of the East

      1. Comfy and peacefull. I love my garden, it’s wilder than yours, but it’s the best place to be, at least in summertime. I have a special place in the corner, Angels’ place, named after my cat Angel, where all our animals got their final place to rest, with a lot of puppets on it. 🙂


  1. A lovely bit of the far East and Orient right in your own backyard. I love the pagoda especially.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your friendship, especially as of late. ((hugs))
    Much love,


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