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Subject A. (on the right) is already waiting, hiding behind his hat and sun glasses.

Then suddenly, subject B. (on the left) arrives at the scene. He is wearing shades too.

After he sits down, he reaches into his pocket and…

… leaves. After a short while, his place is taken by yet another man, subject C. (on the left). Also in hat and glasses.

Could it be…

that he will order coffee too? 😉

I am sorry. These men were simply enjoying a sunny afternoon, talking, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. I do apologize for my over-active imagination. It just won’t hold its tongue.

Photos © Marion Driessen


Reader, writer, word player. Collector of visuals. No lady, but all woman. Caretaker of lads & cats, dungeons & dragons. DuTchess. Green witch.

4 thoughts on “Mafioso?

    1. It was quite a tour to take these photos. My heart said ‘Get up and ask!’, but my head told me firmly that I could not do that. So I sneaked in a couple of shots, they are unrecognizable anyway.
      Like you, I love to simply watch people and let my fantasy free.
      Happy weekend!


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