Bug Doe: help needed to identify unknown insect

Today I need your help. But first a warning: if looking at a bug gives you goosebumps, then


Please don’t. If a creature like this slithered in my living room, I would call the police and buy another house!

But I still need to know what kind of insect this is. It was HUGE, and crossed my path in Portugal. It has the tail of an earwig, but it is easily ten, perhaps twenty times bigger than the Dutch version. Perhaps it was the Mother of all Earwigs. The Queen of Bugland.

I got real close. But if it would have spread its wings, I would have fainted.

Can you please help me in naming this beast?


It is indeed a Mole Cricket, the Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa. They grow up to 4.5 centimeter… except ‘our’ specimen was MUCH bigger, it was as at least 7 centimeter! V-man says 7, but I say 10. 

Thank you all so much for helping me out on this. Tim on Facebook thought it was a locust, Mike here and Selma through mail helped me to find the Mole Cricket. In Dutch it is called Veenmol. More Google images can be found here.

Another mystery solved. Now I can sleep again. I hope. But I fear the beast has burrowed its appearance into my retina… sweet dreams.

24 thoughts on “Bug Doe: help needed to identify unknown insect

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  2. poor thing, so despised because of its appearance, tho’ it is rather huge and disgusting, still live and let live? (as long as it is outside my house!) 😉


    • Wow, Mike. That Brazilian Treehopper is indeed one of the most unearthly specimens there is! And I love to look at them – but from a safe distance.😉
      Thanks for finding the information on the mole cricket, I have updated my post in red.


  3. Hey Marion,
    Asked my husbie if he knew the answer but he doesn’t know.

    We looked at google but still no answer.

    Good luck and let us know if you find out what it is.

    With love x


    • Thanks for searching for an answer, Karin & Hubsie🙂
      I even dragged the photo straight into Google Images (learned that trick from my eldest son), but nothing came up.


  4. I don’t know what it is, but I think it might be pregnant. That back end looks plump as all get out. But since I don’t know what it is, it is just a guess on my end that it is a mom to be.


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