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The Mirror Is One Way

Angel Girl, 

what are you doing up here?

You should be playing




glory of countless days

reflected in your eyes.

What happened, sweetheart?

Did your heart

your bravery

fool you so?

I can heal your hands

hold your soul

and gather the pieces

of chattered dreams.

But I can not heal your pain 

for you can not go back, 


The mirror is one way.

Only ten years old, never to see eleven. Last week, Joanna Ramos from Long Beach, California, had an appointment with Death. He was not dressed in black, Death, nor carrying a scythe. No, Death was dressed as a girl. A girl, the same age as Joanna.

They were rivals, these youngsters, fancying one and the same boy. And they decided to fight over him. Within one minute it was over. The fight. And Joanna’s life. A blood clot blocked her future.

I am devastated.


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23 thoughts on “The Mirror Is One Way

  1. Children should be doing things that children do…riding bikes, playing at the playground, playing games, eating cupcakes…they should be children for as long as they can.


  2. When I heard about it I was devastated! You’ve done a beautiful tribute here Mar. Truly the only words that can help heal are the ones that bring us together in understanding, your gift will go far toward that goal.


  3. Thank you for your beautiful compassionate poem, Marion, and for making me aware of this terrible tragedy.

    When I was 8 years old, I remember that there was a birthday party, to which I was not invited (in hindsight I am so terribly glad), and that it was just after dusk, the boys ran amok so wild, not parentally controlled, and one boy accidentally bashed his head against the handle of a tap when he bent down to drink water from it. I remember the next day at school that he had been taken to hospital. The day after that we learned that he had died.


    1. Perhaps you would be happier not knowing what happened – there is so much tragedy in this world – but this story got to me.

      What a bizarre and very unfortunate story, Quirina. Bashing your head while simply trying to drink? That poor, poor boy and family.

      Life can be cruel.


  4. Here’s the story

    When I was a little boy growing up, I recall being told outright and by unsaid encouragement that violence was OK to “stand up for myself” in the face of opposition or humiliation.

    I thought that was stupid then, and still do now. At that age, the body is still delicate. We don’t fully mature skeletally and our brains don’t stop developing until the late 20s.

    Nevertheless, I was involved in a couple fights. There were other things that happened to me as well, that I think it was a wonder I survived, but here I am.

    Here’s another story, that makes me wonder if my country will ever become mature or develop some measure of sanity WRT guns.

    Can you believe it, that there are actually some people here who think teachers and other school staff should carry guns in schools?

    My thoughts are with the other girl. She’s old enough to know what she caused, but way to young to be labelled “murderer” for the rest of her life.

    Your poem says it all, IMO.


    1. I guess our childhood was very protected, Mike, for my siblings and I never fought for real when we were young. Never had the need, apart from the normal little fights among friends. Nothing serious.
      Terrible things are happening in this ‘modern, civilized world’. Too easy access to guns (and please, NO weapons for teachers, that’s only going to provoke more violence).
      I don’t have a solution, I have no idea what should be done.
      But the lives of a lot of people stopped when that little girl died. A senseless death. So many plans and dreams gone up in smoke.


  5. It is devastating. Those circumstances were what was desperately unfortunate – would it have had quite the same impact if she had been playing a sport at the time, or something like that? She could well have been, if you think about it.


    1. The sad part is the reason for the fight. And the very young age. Chances are small for such an unfortunate hit, but the girl was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The lives of two families destroyed.


  6. Absolutely senseless, istn’t it!! So young to even thing that fighting over a boy who wouldn’t care less at that age…girls are still icky. So sad, but I love your writing about it and sharing your emotion.

    Much love and warmest hugs coming your way. Catch it.


    1. When I was that age, boys were only good to play soccer with. And I can’t imagine my boys were even interested in girls at the age of ten. Children should be playing, not fighting!
      Thanks for being here with me Jules.


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