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Living Bridges

This post is a reblog from Anake Goodall about the Living Bridges of Meghalaya, India. The message was so inspiring and awesome, I just had to share it. Please read the post straight from Anake Goodall’s blog.

For the ones who don’t want leave the safe environment of Figments ;), you can also watch the BBC film (five minutes) here. And admire a photo of the living bridges. And with ‘living’, I really mean living! I urge you to hit the ‘play’ button, for you will be thrilled. The people of Meghalaya are working WITH nature, not against it, finding ingenious natural solutions. I am in awe.

In search of the origins of the photo I used for this post, I came upon Malini Rajesh’ blog. There you will find more intriguing information on these bridges!