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Elementals – Spirits of Earth, Air, Water and Fire

© Valeria Paes


Made of thought and air

she floats into dreams, gently

wings into the haze


Feather light her touch

on your skin, she lingers soft

until the winds fade


© Iriloth


Text haiku © Marion

“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach” – Henry Beston

ELEMENTAL – prompted by  


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15 thoughts on “Elemental

  1. Love this post. And it makes me a bit sad though, I live in a place with hardly any rain, no ocean, and no primeval wood. 🙂 Just kidding. It is true, but still, love this post. 🙂

    OooH, and you have a link to the APOD! 🙂 I love those! It’s my home page on my browser. 🙂


    1. Don’t be sad, dear, just come over! The sea is rather close here in Holland. But we don’t have primeval wood. Only a few trees 😉
      I have a link to what? APOD? What is APOD, preciousssss? *searches*
      Edit: aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Astronomy Picture Of The Day. YES, wonderful!


      1. I’d love to come to Holland! Oh, yes! :0

        Yep, Astronomy Picture of the Day! 🙂 I love the photo you have for it. What is that? The Northern Lights, I know, but still, I’d love to see that one up big! It looks like a mythic winged bird. 🙂

        Take care, Marion!


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