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Purging Floors And Mind

Six Word Saturday


Sweeping floors. Cleaning tiles. Purging Mind.


Last week, tension prowled the work floor. The air was electrically charged with it, so my static hair kept hugging my skin. A thundercloud hovered over troubled faces, whispers floated in the air. One could say that balance and harmony were not exactly part of our academy. My brain decided to cramp up in a state of constant semi-migraine. I was so glad when the clock announced the arrival of the weekend.

In stead of visiting friends, I stayed home last night. Gladiator was on, an excellent movie, and the couch was warm and inviting. But even Russell Crowe could not battle my restlessness. In the end I powered up my computer and wrote about the artful things my uncle, Albert Driessen, designs. The post is called Vakmanschap! (craftsmanship); feel free to take a look at his creations.

Today was much better. It was still early morning when I woke… the first time. We got up around 10 am, had a relaxed breakfast and went for grocery-and-other-shopping. Then Vman – sweet man – braved a light drizzle and plowed the front yard, while I gathered up my courage and headed for the closet where I always lock up the dog.

He’s a feisty fellow, my dog. Whenever I try to take him for a walk, he fights the leash. And when I want to exercise him, he starts to growl and won’t stop until I give him a free rein. But I never give in to that nonsense and lead him exactly where I want him to go. He is a dog after all! And I am his calm assertive whispering mistress. Most of the time.

Well, my dog succeeded where others failed: he made me relax, forget about the stress and eased my mind, up to the point where I started to sing. While cleaning and swiping floors! 😉

Have a Happy Weekend!

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Nothing better than walking the ‘dog’ to clear the mind. 


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